Environment protection

Environment protection is becoming an increasingly important right, duty and responsibility of all employees. Our company is aware of that and we are devoting more and more attention to it: from education and training of employees to regular and constant care for a clean and healthy environment.
Waste is a regular byproduct of every production process. We carefully separate it and ensure that there is as little waste as possible. We make an effort to return as much of the waste from the production process (such as mass waste and agglomerated fluxes) as possible back into the process. We remove the rest of the waste and hand it over to authorized companies which collect and process it in accordance with the existing legislation.
Industrial wastewater from the production of electrodes is collected and processed in the industrial purification plant until its quality is suitable for release into the water course. Monitoring of wastewater is performed in accordance with the existing legislation.
In 2014 we took a few steps towards optimization and stabilization of use of electrical energy in the field of efficient use of energy. We invested in new lighting in the main production areas. By installing the newest LED technology, we significantly reduced the use of electric energy and decreased the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.
By converting the flow-through cooling system into a closed system in the electrode program and the production of fluxes, we also significantly decreased the consumption of water for industrial purposes. We therefore do not burden the environment with cooling wastewater anymore.