Cooperation with the wider environment

Co-funding the operation of professional firemen is the basis for closer and closer cooperation. A fair amount of collaborative actions was carried out while planning and executing preventative safety measures, training how to decrease the risk of starting a fire and consequences of a fire. We help the firemen organizations with raffle prizes to enable them to acquire more resources for their charity activities.

We have a long-term cooperation with schools, which train personnel for metallurgist and mechanical professions and provide these schools with our products for lessons in welding. We love to show pupils and students our production and acquaint them with the selection and quality of our products.

We are expanding the extent of cooperation with the educational center. The pupils of this center perform the work we give them with quality and with joy. By paying for the work, we contribute to better conditions for the operation of the educational center and acquisition and preservation of movement capabilities and work habits of the center's pupils.

We cooperated with Gornjesavski muzej (Upper Sava Valley Museum) during the preparation of the contents for the exhibition about the processing plants of the Jesenice Ironworks, which also contained the production of electrodes and welding wire.