1936         The beginning of production under KID – Kranjska industrijska družba.
1946         The first home-made coated electrode is developed. The start of regular large-scale production.
1948         Moving production to new halls. New machines for cutting wire, a press for coating electrodes, a drying furnace and a conveyor belt were installed.
1959         Development of new coated electrodes. Acquisition of the first international certificates of the classification society Lloyd's Register of Shipping and Bureau Veritas.
1964         Start of production of welding fluxes and a new additional automatic production line for coated electrodes was installed.
1973         Development and production of filler materials for automatic welding, wires for welding under the protective atmosphere CO2 and wires for welding under flux.
1986         A new hall is built and new equipment bought for the production of agglomerated fluxes.
1993         Transition from IRONWORKS JESENICE to the newly established company FIPROM d.o.o.
1998         The official founding of the current company ELEKTRODE JESENICE d.o.o.
2005         Start-up of the new automatic machine for packing electrodes.
2006         Modernizing and building a new facility. Start-up of new lines for welding wire production.
2012         Start-up of a new line for production of cored wires using the technology of seamless welding.
2014         Modernizing and unifying the visual identity of the SIJ group for unified and harmonized communication, better recognisability of the whole group and its companies.