Career development

We are a company with more than 160 employees and an important employer in the region and municipality of Jesenice. With an average of more than 15 million EUR of annual export, we are an important exporter because we record more than 70 per cent of all our income on foreign markets.

Why work at the Elektrode Jesenice Company?

  • Because we are innovative, successful and because we will continue to evolve both in Slovenia and abroad.
  • Because we invest in the knowledge of our employees and in the enhancement of their competences – we offer education and participation at professional seminars and conferences to our employees and invest in development of their professional competences.
  • Because we encourage creativity and inventiveness of our employees. They can contribute to the successful development of the company by submitting useful proposals, ideas and improvements for which they are also rewarded.

Our goal is to employ experts from various fields. We are searching for coworkers among our employees, grantees and with public notices in daily newspapers, on our internet website portal and employment website portals.
In accordance with our development strategy, we will be mainly employing personnel from the field of technical sales, development and production, namely metallurgical engineers, mechanical engineers, electro-technology engineers and engineering mechanics or technicians.